Number Converter

Simple program that is useful for converting binary, decimal and hex numbers (up to 32 bit) all in one place.
There is also a bitwise tester (8 bit) that can be used to check the expected value of bitwise operations on a microcontroller project (such as A = B & 255) etc

OS: Cross platform (Java)

Download Here (zip)
Github Link (source code)

EEPROM Programmer (designed for 24LC256 i2c)

Windows program to compliment the Arduino sketch. Programms parallel or i2c EEPROM (Parallel not programmed Arduino side, it just sends a command to tell the hardware what type of chip).
It works by setting the start address on the software, this is sent to the hardware arduino sketch which counts from 0 to the max address and sends the data back via serial. Received data is displayed in the table.
Data can be entered as Decimal, Hex or Text (ASCII) into the table and then loaded onto the EEPROM.
OS: Windows (C Sharp)

EXE File – Windows
Source Code (Visual C Sharp Project)



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