PIC Programming

PIC Programming Service: Why choose PIC for embedded systems?


While Arduno is good for hobby use it can be a little more limited in terms of choice for a final product. With PIC you can choose the microcontroller to suit your needs.
Also Microchip now own AVR, so the future could be uncertain.

I am available for consultation and programming of any embedded systems based on PIC or AVR.

Every application is different, if you need help with a certain aspect of programming, such as getting the UART working, setting up a timer. Or if you want me to design and program the final chip for you.

I am flexible in my work. I can desing and program the end product or if you have a programmer and just require some help, transfer files online. All programming is done in MPLAB X with C.

From hobby to embedded systems design, I can offer the best PIC programming service to suit your needs.

Please contact me for more information

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Please see the Microchip selection tool to choose the best chip for your project.

PIC programming service availalbe with Arduino / AVR programming
Please see my Arduino programming page for more information on this. Arduino is an easy good hobby platform with plenty of shields and boards available for use straight away.
PIC is more geared towards advanced use or a final products.