PCB Design

Like me if you’re fed up with stripboard and want to actually make something with your electronic project, or have an idea for an Arduino shield then why not produce your own PCB.
I can provide a design service  for any prototype or hobby project, up to 4 layers at any size. All you need to do is contact me with a schematic or idea and we can take it from there.

A note on manufacture
I don’t fabricate PCBs, I use JLC PCB based in China. The boards are very reasonable but postage adds up, but saying that it’s still a good price to make your project on a professional looking circuit board.

With your design I can provide the gerber files to upload to a fabricator of your choice, such as JLC or PCBWay. Anyone can register and order from these suppliers, and all files I create are compatible with their services.
I can send to manufacture for you at the cost.

For manufacture pricing please check the website for JLC PCB.
Note keep under 100mm x 100mm for the cheapest price, and the minimum quantity is 5

For a standard double sided board of 100x100mm it’s £15 for the design. Anything smaller or more complex please contact me for options.