Arduino Programs

Arduino programs to Download : compatible with Uno unless stated
This is where I will put any arduino projects, if they are included with a project that’s also listed on this site there will be a link below the download.

Some are experimental, some are complete projects.. All are free to download and change you can mention this site if you want, it would be nice but not essential.

MCP DAC for MCP 4922, 4902 – code for both
Link to project page

MIDI Beat flasher
Flashes 2 LEDs on MIDI clock (LED Beat 1, LED Beat 2-3-4) 4/4 time only
AT Tiny 2313/4313
Link to project page

EEPROM Programmer (Arduino code)
This is a project I made to program an i2c EEPROM (24LC256) The windows program is required to work with this, it’s written in  C Sharp. This is functional however more work could be done to improve.

Volt Meter – measure voltages using analog input and a voltage divider. uses LCD library. Pinouts are in the code


Please be aware, all Arduino and associated programs available for download on this page to the best of our knowledge are free of viruses and harmful software.
We take no responsibility for any damage caused by any of these downloads once loaded onto your own microcontroller.

If you have any design ideas, please get in touch and we can discuss. PIC / AVR  or even Z80!