Arduino Programming

Arduino programming: Have project ideas but want help to program?

Atmel Microcontrollers

You don’t have to be stuck with a pre made Arduino development board, such as the popular Arduino Uno.

Other than direct Arduino Programming, I can program additional chips (listed below) that can be incorporated in your project without having to use the development board.

A good example of this is using the ATMega 328 from the Uno on your own circuit board.

Another option : ATTiny chips… The AT Tiny 85 is an 8 pin chip that offers PWM outputs and analog inputs, the 84 is 14 pin and has more I/O – Note these don’t have UART (Serial ports), and can run with internal oscillators of up to 8MHz.

They are more restrictive but can be a good choice for small projects.

On the other side I can program the large ATMega 644 or 1284 (pretty much the same but the latter has more memory), these have 2 serial ports, analog inputs, full 8 bit outputs, PWM and more.

Chips I can program (not limited to)


328 (Arduino Uno standard)
644/1284 (Large I/O, 40 pin)


4313/2313 (These have UARTs but no analog ports)

Most of the time ATTiny are a good choice, they have internal oscillators up to 8MHz and are very cheap. My MIDI Beat Clock flasher uses a 2313

The code will be shared, you can program yourself or I can pre program and send the chip.
Every requirement is different so please email me to discuss.

Additional Programming

PIC are another great choice of microcontroller, every application is different. Apart from Arduino I can program direct AVR and PIC. By choice I choose AVR microcontrollers, I find them very powerful and nice to use, however like I say.. every application is different, so we can choose a suitable chip for the job.