I have a passion for electronics, practical design and manufacturing. I can learn things quickly and take pride in my work.

It was back in the early 90s I started with Electronics. Back then I had no internet just reference and project books.

Velleman kits from Maplin Electronics were the first things I did. Any components I needed I had to get over the counter if they had stock, the nearest branch was in the city about an hour away from me.

Needless to say many projects I tried to build myself didn’t work at first, I had no means of making circuit boards, only stripboard. I had success with the kits, but as long as you follow the instructions you aren’t going to go far wrong.

The Internet

Probably around 1998 I got dial up internet, I could research things and talk to people online. I started chatting with an engineer Alan Lord from Dundee College, radio ham, I don’t know if he has now retired but his website has gone.

From him I got a simple single ended valve amplifier circuit, I built it and it worked, well after blowing up a rectifier valve because I’d no current limiting (straight to the mains… never a good idea) My dad taught me electrical safety from a very early age so I was very careful with it.

Then for some reason I can’t really remember, late teenage years perhaps..I gave up, which I now regret.

Fast forward to 2017 and I suddenly re gained an interest, starting from watching videos of a certain popular youtuber who builds synthesizers. I thought I can do this, now with the internet and all that is available, so I did.

These days things are much easier, eBay is a good source of components and so are suppliers like Rapid Electronics (in the UK anyway). I can design PCBs and have them made in China, so my projects have just come to life.

I have setup this website to help you in the Electronics world… There’s lots more interest now because of the Arduino and other such devices you can buy and program.

However I think that anyone can get a board and some shields and make something, it’s good to know the theory and what is actually happening.

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